The Mom Scholarship

I was recently accepted into the Writer’s Studio Online program at Simon Fraser University. I was later advised of a potential scholarship, “The Mom Scholarship,” intended for women in the program with children under 18.

I was so blessed to win this scholarship. After I won, I received an email from the Associate Director of the SFU Creative Writing Program that said,

“…your statement was one of the best I’ve ever seen for any scholarship committee. It was really inspired.”

I was so touched. A compliment such as that gave me the confidence I needed to share my personal thoughts with all of you. So here is my scholarship statement:

Any mother out there knows how incredibly difficult it is to take time for yourself to invest in the things you love.
Spending money that could be considered better spent on your own child’s education or future ignites the exact same feelings of guilt.
The thing is, I somehow understand that I am educating my daughter simply because I have made the decision to commit to this program.
Though she is only three, Bee watches everything I say or do and I am lucky enough to actually be aware of this. I am constantly tuned in to how she is learning from me in any given moment throughout the day.
Am I being smart enough?
Am I demonstrating class?
Am I acting fairly?
Am I challenging myself appropriately?
If she were living my life today, would I be proud of her?
Every. Single. Decision. I have made in my own life, as a woman, is a reflection of who I want her to be. Not specifics like paralegal or writer or married or mother…but things like ambitious…thoughtful…independent…fearless.
My greatest wish is that by the time she is grown, I will have demonstrated what the character of a capable woman looks like.
I want her to have the courage to seek out who she is and not be afraid of it. I want her to be brave enough to chase what she finds value in so she can lead her version of a fulfilled life.
This program is helping to pave the way for a new chapter in my life. And my family has agreed to make a financial and time sacrifice because of it. Any financial assistance that can make that easier on my household would be a true blessing.

I want to send the warmest thanks to the Creative Writing Program at Simon Fraser University for not only accepting me into this incredible program but also for providing me with the confidence to get started.



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