The Kate and Thomas Series


The Kate and Thomas Series is a Longer Than Life prequel. Readers are taking on a journey to discover how intense and dramatic the romance of these two characters actually was.

NOTE: No prior knowledge of Longer Than Life necessary.


Kate and Thomas met at the University of Saskatchewan in the 1940s.

She was the daughter of a small town Pastor, determined to study hard and build a career for herself. She dreamed of being a politician.

He was the son of one of the wealthiest families in Saskatoon which came with high expectations and a predetermined life plan. That is, until he first saw Kate and his world came to a screeching halt.

Kate fought her attraction to Thomas but couldn’t stop herself from falling in love. Thomas was unlike other men she had met, he was a feminist and captivated by her professional aspirations.

After their first date, they were inseparable. Thomas knew he would spend every moment of his life making her happy. Kate knew she would do anything for him. Unfortunately, his family did not feel the same way.

After the war, Thomas was deployed overseas to aid in the clean up. While he was gone, Kate found out she was pregnant and upon visiting his mother over the holidays, she learned Thomas was killed.

But that is just the beginning.



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