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That time I didn’t know I was a Tragically Hip Fan

The Tragically Hip

I was a teenager of the 1990s. Like most kids my age, I enjoyed dressing grunge. But I have recently learned that perhaps the similarities stopped there.

While I was busy following the dramatic tales of Carrie and Austin or wishing I was Cher in Clueless or building my Nicole Kidman wall paper (yup, that was a thing once…and up until today, only a handful of people in this world knew about it), my teenage counterparts were educating themselves on the greatest musicians of our generation.

Last year, I discovered the Black Crowes. A few months later, Nirvana. And, now I can say that my curiosity has been peeked over the amazing melodies and lyrics I missed out on while I was jamming to the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys.

I have been living the last two decades under the assumption that The Tragically Hip was not my thing.


Training to Challenge Myself

Athletics were never my thing.

I was the kid who could not climb a tree or jump a fence. In swimming lessons, I thought treading water was code for trying not to drown. I did not like running because it hurt. I did not like climbing because it was hard. In gym class, my level of popularity prevented me from being picked last but I was always given the most forgiving positions such as defence or outfield.

As a child of the 80s, I played outside. I rode my bike and played kick the can. I spent endless hours at the lake or in the swimming pool. And though I was often out and about, I always played within my limits. I never competed with the other children and I especially never competed with myself. (more…)

First Educate the Child

Children Practicing Pilates

When I first set out to write this piece, my intention was to compile a list of personal reasons why I hoped my daughter would practice Pilates.

My most honest answer is that I believe in it. I believe Pilates adds to the quality of my life and as my commitment to my practice strengthens, I have started to wonder how Pilates would add to the quality of her life.

My child is a ball of energy. I can already tell she is going to be an athlete. She thrives on adrenalin (unlike her mother who usually equates adrenalin with life-threatening fear). She is always in search of ways to test her limits. There is never a “too fast” or a “too high” for her. She even runs out of her room each morning screaming and laughing, ready to take on the adventure of her day.

My kid is fearless. And it is for that exact reason that she needs Pilates. (more…)