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That time I didn’t know I was a Tragically Hip Fan

The Tragically Hip

I was a teenager of the 1990s. Like most kids my age, I enjoyed dressing grunge. But I have recently learned that perhaps the similarities stopped there.

While I was busy following the dramatic tales of Carrie and Austin or wishing I was Cher in Clueless or building my Nicole Kidman wall paper (yup, that was a thing once…and up until today, only a handful of people in this world knew about it), my teenage counterparts were educating themselves on the greatest musicians of our generation.

Last year, I discovered the Black Crowes. A few months later, Nirvana. And, now I can say that my curiosity has been peeked over the amazing melodies and lyrics I missed out on while I was jamming to the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys.

I have been living the last two decades under the assumption that The Tragically Hip was not my thing.